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Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Artist: Jean Leone Gerome
Title: Self-Portrait/Autoportait
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 40.6x30.5cm
Location: 2000 Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen

Born May 10, 1824(1824-05-10)in Vesoul (Haute-Saône), France
Died January 10, 1904 (aged 79)in Paris, France
Nationality French
Field Painting, Sculpture
Training Paul Delaroche, Charles Gleyre
Movement Orientalism

1846 The Cock Fight
1848 Anacréon, Bacchus et l'Amour
1851 Young Nymph teased by Putti
1855 Century of Augustus Birth of Christ 1855
1857 Camels at Trough
1857 Figure Study for La Priere ches un chef
1857 Egyptian Recruits Crossing the Desert
1859 Guard of the Harem
1860 Diogenes
1860 Head of a Negro Woman from Hedjaz
1861 Phryne before Areopagus
1861 The Prisoner
1861 Socrates Seeking Alcibiades
1865 Prayer on the Rooftops of Cairo
1865 Egyptian Smoker
1865 Bust of Julius Ceasar
1865 Arnaut Smoking
1865 Julius Cesar among his Legionaires
1866 Dance of the Amlmeh
1866 The Slave Market
1866 Cleopatra before Caesar
1866 Portrait of a Lady
1868 Bashi Bazouk Singing
1869 Bashi Bazouk
1869 Pelt Merchant of Cairo
1870 The Snake Charmer
1870 Public Prayer in Mosque of Amr
1870 Arabs Crossing the Desert
1871 Arnaut of Cairo
1872 Bisharin Warrior
1872 Thumbs Down
1872 Arab and his Steed
1873 Almeh with Pipe
1873 Arab Girl with Waterpipe
1874 Markos Botsaris
1875 An Arab and his Dogs
1876 Veiled Circassian Beauty
1876 Field of Rest Cmetary of Green Mosque
1876 Standard Bearer
1877 Egyptian Girl
1878 Reception of Grand Conde
1879 Muezzins Call to Prayer
1879 Arnaut and his Dogs
1880 A Japanese Imploring a Divinity
1881 Beware of the Dog
1881 Arab Purchasing a Bridle
1881 After the Bath
1882 An Almeh
1882 Grief of the Pasha
1883 Christian Martyre's Last Prayer
1886 Self Portrait
1887 Carpet Merchants
1889 Bather
1889 Love the Conqueror
1889 Harem Bath
1889 Bathsheba 1889
1889 Woman at Bath
1890 Pygmalion
1890 Pygmalion and Galatea
1890 MoorishBath
1891 Sorrow Statue
1895 Arab Encampment at Sunrise
1895 Sarah Bernhardt Bust
1897 Woman of Cairo at her door
1897 Bacchante and Cupid Statue
1898 Sais and his Donkey
1898 The Pipe Lighter
1899 The Whirling Dervish
1902 The Ball Player
1904 Corinth Statue
? Head of a Bearded Man
? Head of a Horse in Profile
? Jean Léon Gérôme in his Studio
? Madame le la Pagerie
? Night
? Prayer in the Desert
? The Smoker
? Seraglio
? Sketch for the Excursion of the Harem
? Colossus of Memnon
? Gray Cardinal
? Reception of the Siamese Ambassador...
Year? king Candaules
? Tomb of the Sultan
? Landscape
? Lion Sketch
? Lion
? Tiger on the Watch
? Slave Auction
? Head of a Peasant from the Roman Countryside
? Mufti Reading in his Prayer Stool
Year? Pyrrhic Dance
Year? Harem in the Kiosk, Constantinople
Year? The Last Judgement Day
Year? View of Paestum
Year? Plain of Thebes, Upper Egypt

Jean Léone Gérôme's Photo
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